Advertising server for any Gen AI app

Ad server with unobtrusive, fully-customizable advertising formats for any LLM interface that can be integrated in a minute.

Large committed ad budget from leading advertisers - start earning ad revenue right away

100% user anonymous, contextual - only advertising built for cookie-less future

Wide variety of ad formats for any Gen AI app

Text & chat ad formats

We built a library of fully customizable formats that help you integrate Brain ad server into your interface seamlessly, without impacting the product experience.


Ad displayed in the conversation flow, with an optional image of a product or brand to capture more attention.

Query Suggestion

Suggestions to continue conversation with a brand or product


Simple inline text ad that is shown as a part of a streaming response from the LLM


Full-image ad, based on the context of the conversation


How do I water my plants when I’m away?

Plant bot

You can try to fill a water bottle, poke holes in the cap, invert and bury it slightly in the plant's soil. The water will slowly drip out, watering your plant.



If you don’t want to use a DIY solution you can purchase Plant Life Support, an automatic watering system for plants.

We deliver advertising budget & infrastructure

Brain has partnered with leading advertisers and built high-availability infrastructure to help you serve unobtrusive yet relevant Gen AI ads.


Committed advertising budget

Our partnerships with leading global advertisers ensure high variety of ad content to as many impressions as your app can deliver


Brain Ad Server

The Brain ad server handles all of the ad bidding and creation based on your preferences, using prompts consistent with your messaging & interface


Your app

Use Brain’s JS SDK and start serving ads in your interface. Have full control over the format of the displayed ads and the best placement in your interface.

Tools that fit into any LLM interface

Brain is multimodal and supports dynamic ad generation in text, images or video. Book a demo to try Brain Text, a platform for integrating advertising into text & chat interfaces.

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Brain Text

Text & chat

Integrate ads as a part of any LLM output. Fully customize how the ads looks in your interface.

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Brain Image


Add branded products and logos directly into images edited or generated with AI.

Coming soon

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Brain Video


Edit videos with natural-looking product placement in scenes and get paid per view.

Coming soon

Customizable ads with 100% user anonymity

You are fully in control of the advertising experience thanks to a large palette of customisation options.


Adjust how in or out of context of the user experience should the ads be


Each ad can have different formality of the tone, or contain emojis, in order to be consistent with messaging of your app

Selection strategy

Control the trade off between maximising payoff and minimising UX disruption


Choose the length and size of the ad, e.g. by how many lines of text can the ad can generate

User privacy

You can choose to mix context of the conversation with e.g. user geography or context history with 100% user anonymity


Large number of ad formats to choose from ensure smooth integration with your application

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