Our Manifesto

Brain suite of tools for Text, Image and Video

Our mission at Brain is to enable everyone in the world to have access to top tier AI products. We do this by allowing every product based on large language models to easily integrate our Gen AI-only ad server and deploy pre-committed ad budget from some of the largest global advertisers.

Yes, that’s right – we want generative AI products to display ads. At least to those users who want them. Ads that are unobtrusive and native to various Gen AI interfaces while maintaining 100% user anonymity.

It may seem like ads are an annoying part of basically every consumer application. It may seem like everyone hates them. But this is a very Silicon Valley – centric worldview, where a latte costs more than a Netflix or a ChatGPT Plus subscription. For those of us living in less privileged parts of the world, we are (at least somewhat) grateful for ads – thanks to them we can have access to the same products and content as most well-off citizens of Silicon Valley.

Netflix also hated ads

Speaking of Netflix, Reed Hastings also hated ads. In early 2020, 13 years after inception of the company, he explained why Netflix will never sell ads:

Netflix blog

Fast forward to today. Netflix ended up introducing an ad-supported plan in 2022 and is expected to have majority of subscribers on this plan by 2026:

Netflix revenue

Consumer internet is built on ads

When you look at almost every globally successful consumer application, you will see ads. What actually annoys people is the thought of seeing an ad, since we typically imagine a large, distracting piece of advertising for a product we don’t find relevant at all. But every successful consumer application has found a way to infuse ads in its product that seem to be a natural part of the interface, serving relevant content without compromising user retention.

Brain is on a mission to help generative AI products achieve the same, inevitable state. And way more.

Next gen ads with Gen AI

Traditional advertising of the internet giants rests upon collection of incredible amounts of user data to serve relevant content. Gen AI products don’t have to make the same trade-offs when it comes to user privacy. Ads from Brain can be served solely by analyzing the context of the situation in which the ad is displayed, in real time. Companies developing Gen AI products don’t have to earn more money for Google, Facebook or Microsoft (some of which are also their competitors) and compromise user privacy by using their legacy ad platforms.

Yes, it is very convenient to quickly integrate their ad platform and have access to large advertising budgets. But Brain has done the hard work for you: integrating our ad server takes a few minutes, you can choose from a large number of customizable ad formats dedicated to various Gen AI interfaces and have access to pre-committed advertising budget from the largest global advertisers.

People will most likely continue to dislike the thought of an ad. But large language models have an opportunity to redefine what an ad is. No longer does the quote ‘If you are not paying for the product, you are the product’ have to hold true – thanks to Gen AI, if a user is not paying for the product, only the context of how the product is being used can pay for the product. So let’s redefine what advertising can look like, and bring top-tier AI products to the masses.

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